Described as a technology pioneer by Fast Company and Forbes, Martine Jarlgaard works in the intersection of sustainability, technology, fashion and art. Her drive towards positive change is complimented by her passion for sustainability and technology’s potential to change human behaviour and to disrupt the very core of the fashion industry.

Martine has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Vogue, on BBC News and has been invited to give talks as an industry expert and thought leader at the Inter-American Development Bank, Yale University, The Next Web, Singularity University, British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forum, China Fashion Forum, Stockholm Fashion Tech Conference and Human Rights Foundation around topics such as disruption, sustainability, ethics, digital transformation, technology such as Blockchain and Extended Reality, transparency, XR art installation MEET YOURSELF, the future of fashion and creativity in the age of AI.

ForbesAs a designer, her work is heavily rooted in sustainability. She looks to technology as playing a significant role in helping to solve some of the industry's biggest challenges.

Huffington PostMartine is a curious and impassioned designer with a rich educational background. She gained a BA/MA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and did a stint at Rhode Island School of Design where she studied sculpture, artistic anatomy and anthropology amongst other broader fine art and design subjects.

After graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Martine Jarlgaard was hired to work with Vivienne Westwood, where she headed the Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Following this Martine worked with All Saints in London and as Head of Diesel Female Apparel in Italy before returning to the United Kingdom to launch Martine Jarlgaard London.